T-shirt Designing for White Manna

I was ask by White Manna to do a shirt design for them and I am almost done.   How does my brain work and how do i create.  I always ask bands if they want a specif theme but they usually get a description of sound back.  I than use those theme and listen to the music to guide me.  This time I got Dragon vs Spaceship in my head and I think this will be classic reoccurring theme for years to come.  I just let the music guide me.  After I brainstorm I usually create outline guide. From this outline guide I let my creativity flow and the rest is pen and ink.  


Currently I use a combination of micron pens , isograph pens, copic pens, and white gouache with brushes.  After I spent a good time inking I ended up with this.  I will scan and create a file from printing next for this project and than I will be done after editing and picking colors. 

White Manna shirt1.jpg